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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Strategy Weekend

Fantastic weekend!  Lovely weather, brilliant challenges, loads of fun.

1921 Scouts in 268 teams took part.  We came 40th and 60th.  Great result.

Friday night there was a band

And some Fire Dancing

Not tired and totally looking forward to the challenges on Saturday.

Team work to get the red 'bomb' out of the danger area.

It really is very hard work.

May never allow a girl near him again.

Not sure he knew what was happening, until it was too late.

Human (well Scout) hungry hippos.

Hair explosion

Caught in mid-air

We remembered the pole, but forgot the flag.  So we improvised.

The organising team.  Prize presentation time for the winners.

Climb the tower of webs...

to the top of the slide.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Too cool

Two cool

If you can't reach...

just throw it...

or just jump across with a flying attack.

Off into the inflatable obstacle course

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Shelter box sleep rough event

Meriden Scouts and Explorers are slept rough on the village green tonight to raise money for Shelter Box ( 
Really fun event.  Raised lots of cash from local shoppers and raised the profile of Scouts in the community.

Looking cool


Setting up

No, really, I will fit.

Helicopter Landing Pad

Perfect fit

Breakfast Cooks

Our turnstile gateway and the Scouts and Explorers who survived the night.